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HIGHLIGHT FILMS are the main piece created from your wedding footage and depending on the amount of coverage recorded at your wedding and package option, the length can range from 4-6 minutes long. This film is the best edit that we can create and features detailed story-based video editing, audio design, color correction and industry standard file processing.

The CEREMONY & SPEECHES are recorded by tapping into your church and DJ's sound booth so you can hear your vows, any readings and the best man/maid of honor’s speeches. We shoot with multiple cameras so that every angle and every second is covered. We edit the footage from these important highlights of the day into individual clips and put them on your flash drive.

You can expect the completion of your WEDDING PACKAGE on the three-month anniversary of your wedding day, but due to the time it takes to edit a wedding film and the backlog of work that can easily build up during wedding season, it could possibly take longer. The final package you will receive is an envelope containing all of your material. Your wedding films are contained within a flash drive. Your videos are .mp4 files on the drive and are playable on any computer or USB-compatible device. Your Highlight Film is also uploaded to Vimeo so you can watch online and share with your friends/family.


We only have one package available to keep things simple yet it includes everything needed for most weddings. Customize your package with additional options listed below. Depending on the location of your wedding, travel and accommodation costs may be added to your package. 



8 hour coverage

Two Cinematographers

Highlight film 4-6 minutes long

Ceremony & Speeches

HD video file delivery

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